Saturday, November 3, 2012

Verses after a Storm

I woke on Tuesday with a poem in my head. It was the morning after Hurricane Sandy made landfall, and I was relieved to discover that I had been spared the worst of the storm. The power was on, water was flowing, and both my partner and I were safe in our home. I know that many others were much less fortunate, and that, as I write this, too many are still lacking basic necessities. For them, returning to normal shall take longer. I am thankful for my good luck, and offer these verses from my perspective:

The Sensation of Subtle Sounds

I awake to a variety of subtle sounds:
A hammer tapping,
Tires gliding over damp streets,
While footfalls trod upon the sidewalk,
And from some nearby, though uncertain location,
Soft organ music surfaces.
Eventually, the more obtrusive voice of a leaf blower joins the mix
Along the front walk,
Another sign of moving on,
A partial return, at least, to a routine of daily life.
But most reassuring
(As it has been throughout the storm)
Is the sensation of your warm body
Wrapped tightly in my loving embrace . . . 

*      *     *

Best wishes to all . .  .

photo by creighton blinn, all rights reserved