Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Some Recent Verses

Last night, after too long of an absence, I returned to an Inspired Word open mic. My contribution to a great evening of talent was a pair of poems, the second of which was "Anticipation." This piece, making its performance debut that evening, is one of my most recent compositions. 



A glass filling gradually
Is how I demonstrate discretion
Before gulping,
Giddy for some tickling sensation.
But, no need to worry,
I’m alright,
Let’s have another. Slower. More preamble.
Swing that shaker one more time.
I’m patient,
I have nowhere else to be tonight,
Just here, with you, so pour another.
And another.
Steady hand, careful now,
I glimpse stray drops,
Overflowing, trickling down your bare arm–
Tempt not, waste not,
My fingers gently brush your skin,
A tease for
That perfect moment (perfect excuses).
Another round,
My lips denied their true desire:
Are we on to the good stuff yet? 

Photo by Creighton Blinn


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