Sunday, March 13, 2011

Introductions . . .

 . . . greetings, and welcome to all for the inaugual posting of Pacing Musings.  As the title suggests, I plan on using this space for reflections and considerations.  In one sense the scope will be narrow, as my primary concern here will be the arts and items of cultural interest.  Within that, I possess a wide range of interests, and hope to touch upon them all from time to time.  So, if I find myself engrossed in a particular book, haunted by a film, entranced by an art exhibit, or simply have a bouncy pop song stuck in my head, I'll be sharing that with my readers.  And, naturally, ruminations on the creative arts may lead into any number of diverse subjects, related or otherwise.   

In turn, I myself am a published author, and shall be using this space for sharing my work with a wider audience.  I write mostly prose and poetry, though I have experimented with other mediums as well.  I also dabble in a bit of photography, which I plan on sharing as well.  

So, that covers the preliminaries.  Thanks for reading this far, and I hope that you'll stick around for more, leave comments, and enjoy the musings. 


Photo by creighton blinn, all rights reserved


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