Sunday, May 1, 2011

In Honor of the First of May

Photo by creighton blinn,
all rights reserved

 . . . and as there is not enough room in this apartment for constructing a Maypole, I thought that I would observe the holiday with some verses. I did write something new this morning, however, it's still in revisions. So, for now, we'll need to make do with a piece I wrote last year. Regardless, I feel that it fits well with the occasion:


Hearts beating quicker
And arms gripping tighter,
Our moist lips clasping,
Drawing us closer,
Pulling me further,
Filling all available space
As boundaries melt
Along warm wetness
Welcoming, guiding,
Voices gasping,
In the heat of passion,
Bursting . . .

Cheers all. 

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