Friday, May 20, 2011

views from Bay Ridge (before the apocalypse)

I woke up Monday morning to a foggy sky, which was quite striking.  Thus, before I had to rush out to work, I decided to snap a few photos.  As a sign of simply how hectic this past week has been, I am only now getting around to selecting a couple good ones for sharing.  That said, it has been pretty grey and overcast all week here in New York, so the atmosphere still matches the pictures. . .   

photo by creighton blinn, all rights reserved
photo by creighton blinn, all rights reserved

  . . . any blending with any potential Doomsday occurring (or not) on Saturday (though hopefully not until after teatime) is purely coincidental. Unless, of course, you believe the whole thing's a scam, in which case . . . so it goes.

As for me, I plan to be around to post some more after the weekend. 


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